History of the BMW '02 Series

'02 (and Sibling) Time Line

The chart above lists all of the models that I view as either members of or direct relations to the '02 series and shows their years of production. Essentially this includes all four cylinder cars from the four door 1500 through the final two door 1502. All of these cars had a similar feel, and they clearly differed from the immediate post-war cars as well as the later six cylinder sedans and coupes. Clearly there is room for interpretation here, but all of the models listed above share significant characteristics and parts.

Click on the name of a model for a summary, pictures, etc..., or click here for a general summary. This isn't finished yet, so some similar models have the same description. Additionally, I have a description of the Kugelfischer fuel injection pump (not exactly a car) as the only offering under the tii cars.

The production years (see note) shown above are taken from BMW--The Complete Story by Werner Oswald and Jeremy Walton. If you are interested in more books relevant to the '02 series click here.

Another note, the capitalization of the letters in some models (for example, 2002ti) changed somewhat over the years. I need to go back and dig up the proper capitalization for each model.

Finally, these pages are very much a work in progress. I've written much of this from memory and will go back and correct/add details over time. If you have submissions or corrections please e-mail me.