Car: 1800 TISA
Years Produced: 1964-1965 (see note on production years)
Production Volume: 200
The 1800 TISA was the ultimate development of the new class sedans. Designed as a race car from the start, only 200 were produced to allow for homologation. Today these cars are little known, but one is on firm ground calling this model an early ancestor of the M5.

While ti and tii variations are somewhat subltle in their differences from standard models (obvious in the engine compartment but it takes some looking elsewhere), the TISA stands out from almost any angle as special. Among other differences are:

Dual 45 DCOE Weber carburetors
10.5:1 compression
Longer duration cam
150+ Horsepower (as opposed to 120 bhp for the 1800 TI and 102 for the standard 1800)
5 speed close ratio transmission
Rear disc brakes (I've seen mixed reports on this)
Special sports seats
Tachometer that extends from dash out toward driver
Wooden steering wheel
No bumpers or wheel covers

For a good overview of the TISA see Ray Thursbay's "A More Aggressive Box" in the 10/95 issue of European Car (from which some of the above specifications are taken).

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